How to remove the Calyx from a Strawberry

This is my video on how to remove the Calyx from a Strawberry. The Calyx is the core, the crown, the green bit at the top.

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Watch "How to remove the Calyx from a Strawberry" on YouTube

How to remove the Calyx from a Strawberry:

Watch "Game Review - Watch_Dogs" on YouTube

Game Review - Watch_Dogs:

Watch_Dogs Review

Check out my review of Watch_Dogs on my YouTube channel.

This is heart warming

A dad who grew up in poverty with a family of 7 siblings always wanted to own a 57 Chevy. His son at 8 years old promised him that when it was his Dad’s 57th birthday that he would buy him a 57 Chevy… He kept his promise. The reaction of the Dad is amazing and shows the bond between father and son:

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X-Men: Days of Future Past Review

Was Days of Future Past the movie I was hoping for? In a word, yes.

This movie was a great mix of new and old, and did the fans a great service by correcting mistakes of the past.

The premise is that in the year 2023 mutants have either been enslaved or murdered, as have any humans who have aided mutants, or have been diagnosed with a gene that shows they may have mutant children in the future.…

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Godzilla Review


I want this review to be spoiler free, so in order to achieve this, anything that I deem as a spoiler I will use Bold.

Feel free to skip right over those bold sections.

I went into the cinema with high hopes for this reboot of Godzilla, and boy it didn’t let me down.

Godzilla is a slow paced, anticipation building behemoth with the tension and foreboding of Jaws; not since Jaws has a film been…

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Kids were asked to find the TV remote in the bedroom… They didn’t expect me to scare them haha

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a good movie, but it is very far from amazing. There is so much that this movie does right, but there is also so much this movie gets very wrong.


The Good

Andrew Garfield as Spider-man is fantastic! He portrays Spidey exactly the way he should be portrayed, everything from his physique, his one liners to his mannerisms; every part of Garfield screams Spider-Man. The…

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Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love

Why Manchester United should sell Robin Van Persie

I know a lot of supporters are big admirers of the Dutchman’s talents, and I am one of them. We know that if it wasn’t for his goals last season we wouldn’t have won the league, but that doesn’t mean he should escape criticism.

Robin came to United to work under arguably the greatest manager of all time, Sir Alex Ferguson. We could tell he came to play under Sir Alex by his performances out on…

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Mission: get rid of beer belly

My mission to get rid of my beer belly in time for summer is going well, I am mixing nutritious meals with good exercise.

Every day I walk home from work instead of catching the bus, I go on 3 mile runs with my mate a few times a week and I also have been going swimming and using the sauna and steam room a few times a week too.

For breakfast I’ve been eating a tin of tuna, an apple and banana home made smoothie, a strawberry yoghurt and drinking a mug of green tea.

For dinner I’ve been eating Ryvitas with a low fat spread or eating chicken and salad.

For tea I have fish and vegetables or fish and salad.

After just over a week I’ve lost 5lb and I am feeling healthier than I have for a long time.

I think cutting out bread and alcohol has helped massively in this too. It’s amazing how your mind and body work differently after changing your diet. I’d strongly suggest my method to anybody who is looking to lose a bit of weight in time for summer.


WWE: Top 10 Undertaker Returns! 

Oroku Saki Vs TMNTby Dorez Romain/ Facebook / Store
Created & Submitted by: Dorez Romain


Oroku Saki Vs TMNTby Dorez RomainFacebook / Store

Created & Submitted by: Dorez Romain